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Golmar Systems UK access control Nexa Inox panels


Stainless steel modular entry  panels.

Technology:  4+n | G2+ | Plus | G+

Nexa Inox has all the advantages provided by the use of the same internal modules as Nexa alluminium but under a hard core skin.

2.5mm thick AISI stainless steel, used in both frame and modules, together with an exclusive passivation treatment prevent corrosion and provides resistance against acts of vadalism. 

The cold white illuminatio, and the possibility of finishing the panel in black or gold colours by means of the PVD process, make the panel an ideal option for the most elegant homes and buildings.


Both Nexa and Nexa Inox panel styles are available as functional button panels and digital dialling panels, with options for coded and proximity access, and are compatible with technologies across all ranges.

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