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2SAFE readers and tokens.

Multiple choices are available for 2SAFE readers depending on the customer requirements and the chosen controller.

Options are: RFID, Bluetooth and PIN code.

  • All readers connect to the IP-Opener and Easygate controllers with just 2 wires.

  • 2SAFE - 2 wire connection 13.56Mhz encrypted communication

  • With IP Opener it is possible to integrate with BLE technology, allowing the user access via smartphone

  • Compatible with MIFARE PLUS and MIFARE CLASSIC cards and fobs

  • IP65 and IK10 protection rating.

  • Surface mount.

Panel mount readers are also available in this range allowing full seamless integration with your choice of entrance panel.

Secure all data thanks to the 2SAFE encrypted transmission protocol and upgrade the access control feature of the door entry panel as an integrated device in the IP-Opener Manager. Just 2 wires are needed for communication between the door entry panel built in antenna and the controller.

We are always here to answer your questions, supply more information, provide assistance with system design and offer 1 2 1 training.

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