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Golmar IP Opener
A different way to manage your security

IP-Opener range will easily improve the security and the access control in the health sector, from elderly people residences to large hospitals.

iP-Opener is a scalable system that allows you to create installations of any size. Powerful and modular, it uses the latest encryption technology to allow you to secure your doors with efficiency and simplicity.

iP-Opener is a networked access control solution, which connects to a remote service in the cloud (, that allows you to manage the site, obtain records and monitor all events in real time remotely. It is also possible to apply new settings, add credentials or modify permissions to groups of users as if you were logged in locally on the network. It features a booking service module, through the resident portal, making it possible to create areas where access is restricted, depending on the occupancy and availability, such as gyms, paddle courts, sports areas...


iP-Opener provides many functions for example: zones management, reflexes, anti-pass back, among others, which allow programming logics and routines that the site may require. The powerful management software enables these and more functionalities, that are programmed in a simple and intuitive way.

Golmar IP Opener
Golmar IP Opener

Two ways of management:


Conventional way of management, where software and database are installed on a local network computer acting as a server.


The controller communicates with the cloud server providing the following benefits:

1. No software installation required

2. Always updated platform
3. Secured database and backup
4. Access from any location and device


Golmar IP Opener


The system supports different connection topologies: UTP, RS485 and mixed (UTP + RS485)



Golmar IP Opener

2SAFE technology:

The communication protocol of the 2SAFE technology increases the degree of security to unexpected levels. It only uses two wires in which the power supply & communication are transmitted in an encrypted way, giving no chance for the communication to be intercepted.

2SAFE supports AES (Advanced Encryption Standard). An encryption algorithm that is used in data communications to protect data from unauthorised access.

Security is one of iP-Opener’s greatest assets. Communications between the controllers and the various peripherals & readers are protected with the latest generation of encryption technology. The range of Mifare+ credentials, the radio frequency transmitter controls & the application via Bluetooth technology make copying & fraudulent access impossible thanks to proprietary encryption protocols such as Crypto-1 and AES-128.

Different networks in the same installation.

Different sites can be managed in a centralised way from any location.

An ideal solution for companies with different offices that are located far away from each other.

Limitless number of networks, a scalable solution from the smallest to the largest site.


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