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New Year - New Products !

Golmar Systems UK Ltd is proud to announce the launch of Golmar's latest range of access control products in the UK. The IP-Opener and Easygate systems are now available for purchase in the UK, and we are excited to bring you the opportunity to experience their superb features.


IP-Opener is an innovative access control system, a scalable system allowing you to create installations of any size. It not only allows access control but redefines the concept by providing many solutions in a single management. The system offers real-time monitoring, use of zones, visitor management, bookings, and much more.

It offers two ways to manage your installations: via local network or via the cloud.

Cloud management allows you to maintain and control multiple installations from a remote or central site. 

The system offers many functionalities but they can all be programmed in a simple and intuitive way.


Easygate is a stand-a-lone  system using mini-controllers to regulate access through 1 or more doors. Programming and updating is through the web  environment but without requiring an internet connection on site.

For both systems there are a range of readers available including some offering Bluetooth technology.

Both systems are tried and tested and are available worldwide.

Golmar Systems UK Ltd is proud to bring these innovative and cutting-edge security and communication solutions to the UK market.

You can view the new Access Control brochure on our downloads page.

 If you would like a hard copy just let our sales team know and we will get one in the post to you.


For more information or to arrange a demonstration or a quotation please contact our sales team on




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