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What is Serverless IP technology?

Our iPG+ system is an example of serverless technology!

One of the greatest advantages of this system is the absence of a server, reducing the cost of implementation, increasing reliability and simplifying maintenance.

IPG+ is a system that transmits audio, video and data in digital format using TCP/IP protocol and is characterised by its great capacity and versatility. One of the system door panels is responsible for managing the installation and registration of each of the devices. In this way it will not be necessary to configure the changes applied in each of the system monitors or assign IP addresses for registration.

The result is a system that is easy to configure as it does not require specific knowledge of networks.

  • 19 door panels per building and 19 general door panel.

  • 799 apartment per building and up to 6 units in each apartment

  • 9 concierge units per building and 19 general concierge units

  • Up to 8 alarm inputs per apartment

  • 32 ONVIF IP camera in the system

  • 30 IP PABX servers per system and VOIP telephones.

More information can be found in our IPG+ brochure.

Our team are ready for your call to give you more information or to arrange a demonstration or even book some training. They can be reached on 020 8368 1935


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