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Powerful and feature packed!

6502/G+ - the result of 65 years of experience - here in one panel.

The flagship panel of the iPG+ system. This serverless technology reduces the cost of implementation, increases reliability and simplifies maintenance. The the system is easy to install and configure not requiring specific knowledge about networks.

This panel boasts innumerable features and thanks to the flexibility of the Linux system, under which it has

been developed, it will be possible to increase features and functionalities through future software updates.

High Quality finish:

Anodized aluminium with illuminated keyboard. Available in natural aluminium or a black finish

Strength and Security:

IP65 and IK07 ratings. Designed to withstand the most adverse conditions. The absence of visible screws increases the degree of protection and the improves the aesthetic appearance.

It is possible to send an alarm message to the concierge in the case of a forced opening of the panel.

Access Control:

Two modes available - either by code using the panel keypad or through the integrated RFID reader with a capacity for up to 2000 users. The GMS software allows you to manage user registrations and cancellations as well as to export a backup copy.

User friendly:

The messages on the 4.3" wide screen guide the visitor through the call. The built in presence sensor turns the screen on/off automatically in the presence/absence of a visitor, saving energy and extending its operating life.

To discover more of the features available on the Golmar iPG+ system call our sales team now on


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