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Soul Access - unbeatable quality at an affordable price.

Golmar prices may have increased a little over the last few months but the Golmar Soul Access panel has been kept at its already low January 2022 price.

This is a very flexible and cost-effective, 2 wire solution.

A good looking and robust entrance panel, simple to install and programme. It is the perfect choice.

As a digital call panel it can manage up to 128 apartments. Just add the G2+ psu and the G2+ monitor or handset of your choice for each apartment.

Choose from 4.3" hands free, 7" handsfree or try a version with a handset. Audio units can also be with a handset or handsfree.

As a 1 button call panel with integral keypad - it is also perfect.

Available as a kit or with combined with the monitor or audio unit of choice. Up to 4 units in the same apartment without the need for additional psu's.

Call our sales team for prices and information on all of your monitor and handset options.

Our sales team are ready for your call: 020-8368-1935


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