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"Soul Access" - unbeatable quality at an affordable price

A good looking and robust entrance panel, simple to install and programme.

It is the perfect choice for installations requiring a digital call panel.

Small but perfectly formed with all the features you will need.

The "Soul Access" panel can service up to 128 apartments.

Simply add the required number of monitors, along with distributors and psu.

It can be used with any monitor in the G2+ range and you can mix and match styles as required.

Choose from 4.3" or 7" monitors - hands free or with a handset for a more traditional feel.

87(W) x 188(H) x 30(D) mm.
  • Made of Zamak alloy, graphite colour.

  • Vandal-proof: IK-07 and IP-54 weatherproof.

  • External CCTV camera connection terminals.

  • Two relay outputs.

  • Removable connection terminal block.

  • 40 access PIN codes. and 8 temporary access PIN codes.

  • 150º wide angle camera with white auto-on LEDs for night vision.

  • LEDs indicating the different states of the system (call in progress, in communication, door opening).

  • Backlit metal push buttons with serigraphy of numbers and characters.

  • Acoustic confirmation tones when pressing buttons.

  • Surface mount. Includes rainshield.

An alternative use is as a 1 button video panel with keypad access.

Available in kit format - with 4.3" and 7" monitor options.

Whatever your requirements call our sales team for up to date information, brochures and prices.



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